Top 10 Budget Travel Tips

Travelling is a wonderful, educational experience that everyone should be able to enjoy – which is why travelling with a budget is so helpful! Although traversing the world may seem expensive, there are a number of helpful ways to cut back on expenditure during your travels without compromising on the experience of the trip.

Heading out for a much-needed beach vacation? Taking the family on holiday? Regardless of where you’re travelling to or who you’re travelling with, you can save money in many ways you may not have considered before.

Here are our top 10 budget travel tips for your next vacation.

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1. Fly During Off-Peak Times

Travelling off-season can save you a lot of money on airfare and hotel rates. Most popular tourist destinations have high-season rates that are much higher than rates during the rest of the year. If your travel dates are flexible, consider travelling during the off season for a budget-friendly trip.

2. Choose a Motel over a Hotel

Motels typically offer shared rooms with more beds at a fraction of the cost of traditional hotels. Plus, many motels also include free breakfast and Wi-Fi in their rates. If you’re looking to save money on accommodation, motels are the way to go.

Sleepy Lagoon Motel offers comfortable motel accommodation in Tin Can Bay. Accommodation like ours makes it easy to enjoy your trip without breaking the bank, providing you with a comfortable and convenient location to come back to after a day of adventures!

3. Cook Your Own Meals

Eating out can quickly add up, especially if you’re travelling with a large group. Save money by cooking your own meals in your hotel or Airbnb. Not only will you save money, but you’ll also get to experience the local cuisine!

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4. Bring Your Own Snacks and Beverages

When travelling, it’s always a good idea to bring along some snacks and beverages to avoid spending money on expensive airport or train food. Bringing your own food also ensures that you’ll have something to eat when hunger strikes.

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5. Use Public Transport

Public transport is often much cheaper than hiring a taxi or renting a car. In addition, using public transport allows you to see more of the local area and meet new people.

If possible, try to walk instead of taking a taxi or Uber – you’ll save even more money!

6. Book Your Holiday Activities in Advance

Many tourist destinations offer significant discounts for activities booked in advance. If you’re planning on doing any sightseeing, theme park visits, or other activities, be sure to book them well in advance to get the best rates.

7. Get Cash from an ATM Instead of Using Credit Cards

Many banks tack on a hefty fee for using foreign ATMs. When you’re travelling, it’s best to take out enough money to get you through your trip so that you don’t have to worry about ATM fees.

8. Don't Buy Souvenirs

Instead of buying souveniers, try taking photos of the sites you visit or keep cards/maps as memorabilia instead! You’ll enjoy your memories much longer than any mug or fridge magnet would.

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9. Pack Lightly

Finding room in your luggage can be difficult with all the items you want to bring, but over-packing is one of the easiest ways to spend more when travelling – due to baggage costs and potential overweight charges!

To avoid spending extra, only pack your essentials (and don’t forget to pack your swimsuit)!

10. Do Some Research

Before heading out, do some research about the place you’re visiting to learn how best to get there and what activities you can do during your trip. You’ll save yourself a lot of time (and potentially money) by doing this!

Tin Can Bay offers visitors an affordable coastal holiday destination with comfortable motel accommodation like Sleepy Lagoon Motel – plus, access to water sports, fishing, national parks and more! Make Tin Can Bay part of your next budget travel destination! Contact us today for a quote on accommodation during your trip.

Top 10 Budget Travel Tips - woman sitting on beach chair stretching

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Top 10 Budget Travel Tips - woman sitting on beach chair stretching
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