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Dolphin Feeding Tin Can Bay

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Dolphin Feeding Tin Can Bay

This friendly accommodation boasts a fantastic location in Queensland and provides easy access to the dolphin feeding Tin Can Bay experience. The seaside village of Tin Can Bay is nestled on the southern end of Fraser Island—a World Heritage site—and only 90 minutes from the Sunshine Coast. The sleepy village lies along the Tin Can Inlet and adjoins the Great Sandy Strait, offering access to an array of local and natural attractions near the Sleepy Lagoon Motel accommodation. 

Dolphin Feeding Tin Can Bay is an amazing experience that is highly recommended by many. Tourists and locals alike flock to the village to check this incredible activity off their bucket list. The dolphin feeding Tin Can Bay activity takes place at Barnacles Dolphin Centre and provides a magical encounter with these impressive marine mammals. Snapper Creek in Tin Can Bay is home to the Australian Humpback dolphin—a river and estuarine dolphin that requires about 20 metres of water to fish. 

This Humpback dolphin species is one of four in the world—Indo-Pacific humpback dolphin, the Indian Ocean humpback dolphin, and the Atlantic humpback dolphin—and is identified by its lengthened, low and triangular dorsal fin and humped back appearance. Furthermore, the Australian humpback is dark grey in colour and can weigh up to 260 kilograms. 

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Dolphin Feeding Tin Can Bay

The Australian humpback dolphin is commonly found in the tropical waters of Northern Australia. They love shallow waters, estuarine and coastal regions and prefer a diet of fish, prawns, molluscs, crabs, squids and octopus depending on the season. With a dolphin feeding Tin Can Bay experience, visitors will encounter this spectacular marine mammal in its natural habitat. In this region, the Australian Humpback dolphins are seen in the waters that extend from Thre Great Sandy Strait to the Tin Can Inlet and they are not known to migrate. 

This species of Humpback dolphins tend to be shy. However, they are more leisurely swimmers than other species. Australian Humpbacks tend to swim in small pods of five and each is lead by an alpha male, or sometimes an alpha female. At Barnacles Dolphine Cente, a resident pod of nine Humpbacks are lead by the alpha male called Mystique. The rest of Mystique’s pod comprises Patch, Ella, Harmony, Chompy, Squirt, Aussie, Valentine, and White Fin. Harmony—a juvenile male thought to be about five years old—is a recent addition to the pod family, and uncommonly scarred for such a young dolphin. 

Dolphin Feeding Tin Can Bay


Dolphin Feeding Tin Can Bay

Barnacles Dolphin Centre opens at 07:00 am every day. Viewing occurs between 07:00 and 08:00, while dolphin feeding—the only feeding sessions during the day—starts from 08:00. When visitors arrive, they are encouraged to join the volunteers in the water—a wonderful opportunity to get up close and personal with the resident pod and learn about their behaviour. Because these mammals tend to be shy, only a small group of people are allowed in the water at one time.

For the dolphin feeding experience, fish is available on site and there is a fee for both entry and feeding. This dolphin feeding Tin Can Bay experience does require visitors to get into the water, so they should come prepared. It is important for visitors to know that these Australian Humpbacks are wild, so Barnacles Dolphin Centre cannot guarantee their arrival time, or that the pod will emerge on any given day. Patience, however, is often rewarded with this once in a lifetime dolphin feeding experience in Tin Can Bay.

Once the dolphins are fed, they return to the wild waters. Barnacles Dolphin Centre has a cafe on-site, where guests can enjoy some refreshments while they wait for the pod to arrive, or after the dolphin feeding experience has ended. The cafe overlooks the stunning Snapper Creek in Tin Can Bay and is open from 07:00 to 15:00. Guests can enjoy all-day breakfasts, lunch, and a brunch menu, all while admiring the idyllic setting around them.

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Dolphin Feeding Tin Can Bay

Other than the unique dolphin feeding Tin Can Bay experience, there are plenty of exciting things to do and see in and around the area. Rainbow Beach is a surfing village just 25 minutes away and boasts a resort-style main street which is ideal for exploring, shopping, dining. Rainbow Beach is home to adrenaline sports such as hang gliding off Carlo Sand Blow, as well as parachuting for the more adventurous. Other activities include horse riding on the sandy shores and scenic Helitours. Our Sleepy Lagoon Motel accommodation provides the perfect place for guests to enjoy the area and everything it has to offer. 

Inskip Point, a few minutes drive from Rainbow’s main beach, is a popular camping and fishing Fraser Island is a World Heritage site and boasts beautiful white surf beaches that span 90 kilometres and are home to the likes of Lake Mackenzie, Eli Creek, and the impressive Maheno shipwreck. Ranked alongside Uluru, Kakadu, and the Great Barrier Reef, Fraser Island is the world’s largest sand island. Travellers visiting the island can explore the pristine rainforests, crystal clear creeks, immense sand blows, and cliffs of coloured sands, it is a must-see experience. Guests staying at Sleepy Lagoon Motel can book a one or two-day tour for their enjoyment. 

Double Island Point is located between Rainbow and Noosa and is only accessible to SWD vehicles—depending on the beach conditions. It is home to a beautiful lighthouse and has sweeping coastal views, ideal for aspiring photographers. The scenic beach drive is incomplete without boarding the river ferry to Noosa—providing a different view of the landscape.

The Mary Valley is about an hour’s drive away and boasts green rolling pastures and farming land. The valley has wineries, popular fishing, boating, and ski dams and is home to the mighty Mary River. Guests can sit back and relax on The Rattler—a heritage rail experience that provides a unique journey through the beautiful and scenic Mary Valley.

Gympie is an original gold mining boomtown and has a rich history, which can be seen first hand at Gympie’s gold mining museum located at the beautiful Lake Alford locally known as the duckponds. Large farmers markets are held every Sunday. For more information on things to do in the region see: Visit Gympie Region

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Dolphin Feeding Tin Can Bay

Self-contained cabin accommodation

Sleepy Lagoon Motel accommodation in Tin Can Bay offers 24 air-conditioned cabins, as well as a three-bedroom holiday house. The accommodation boasts modern amenities and facilities to make any discerning guest feel right at home during their stay. The cabins can accommodate between two and five guests, while the three-bedroom holiday house accommodates up to eight adults and one child. Each accommodation option comes with comfortable beds and a bathroom, as well as linen and bath towels.

Inside the cabin accommodation, guests will find a kitchenette with modern appliances such as a microwave, a kettle, a toaster, and refrigerator, ideal for whipping up a quick meal. After a long day out and about in Tin Can Bay, guests can sit back and relax while watching a DVD on the flat-screen TV in the spacious living area, or sit outside on the private balcony and enjoy the tranquil surroundings of Sleepy Lagoon Motel.

Other amenities in the self-contained cabins include air conditioning, heating, and free Wi-Fi access.

Three-bedroom holiday accommodation

This fully-refurbished holiday accommodation is located in the centre of Tin Can Bay and provides the perfect opportunity for a weekend getaway with the whole family. This Tin Can Bay accommodation comes with three bedrooms and two bathrooms and can accommodate up to eight adults and one child. In the bedrooms, there are two queen-size beds and three single beds, while the bathrooms have showers and amenities. Linen and towels are provided by Sleepy Lagoon Motel.

In the living area, there is a lounge, a kitchen, and a dining room. Here, guests can kick off their shoes after a day exploring the Great Sandy National Park and watch their favourite movie. When guests get hungry, the fully-equipped kitchen provides modern appliances to make cooking a breeze. There is also a dining table, perfect for sharing a meal with the whole family. Other amenities include air conditioning, heating, and a DVD player.

Outside, there is a deck with an outdoor table and chairs. Here, guests can enjoy a cup of coffee in the morning, or a glass of wine as the sun goes down. This Tin Can Bay accommodation is centrally located—allowing for easy access to most attractions and amenities, including a supermarket and the foreshore, which are a five-minute walk away.

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