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Visiting Tin Can Bay? Enjoy the incredible experience of feeding the local dolphins during your holiday! Native dolphins regularly visit the area, allowing locals and travellers alike to participate in dolphin feeding and viewing activities – something the whole family can enjoy while on holiday.

Book your accommodation at Sleepy Lagoon Motel, based centrally in the heart of Tin Can Bay. Our self-catering accommodation will provide you with a comfortable and convenient base during your exploration of our beautiful and peaceful little town.

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Our self-catering holiday accommodation boasts a fantastic location in Queensland and provides easy access to the dolphin feeding Tin Can Bay experience. 

Dolphin feeding in Tin Can Bay is an amazing experience that is highly recommended by many. Tourists and locals alike flock to the village to check this incredible activity off their bucket lists. This dolphin feeding activity takes place at Barnacles Dolphin Centre and provides a magical encounter with these beautiful mammals, and Snapper Creek is home to the Australian Humpback dolphin—a river and estuarine dolphin.

This Humpback dolphin species is one of four in the world. These include the Indo Pacific humpback dolphin, the Indian Ocean humpback dolphin, and the Atlantic humpback dolphin. The Atlantic humpback dolphin is identified by its lengthened, low, and triangular dorsal fin and humped back appearance whereas the Australian humpback is dark grey in colour and can weigh up to 260 kilograms. 

Seeing these dolphins is a must-do activity during your stay in Tin Can Bay! 

Discover Tin Can Bay's Dolphins

Dolphin Feeding Tin Can Bay

The Australian humpback dolphin is commonly found in the tropical waters of Northern Australia. They love shallow waters, estuarine and coastal regions and prefer a diet of fish, shellfish and octopus. With a Tin Can Bay dolphin feeding experience, visitors will encounter this spectacular marine mammal in its natural habitat.

The Australian Humpback dolphin can be seen in The Great Sandy Strait to the Tin Can Inlet. They are not known to migrate, so can be found all year round!

This species of dolphins tend to be shy. However, they are more leisurely swimmers. Australian Humpbacks tend to swim in small pods of five and each is led by an alpha male, or sometimes an alpha female. 

At Barnacles Dolphine Cente, a resident pod of nine Humpbacks is led by the alpha male called Mystique. The rest of Mystique’s pod comprises Patch, Ella, Harmony, Chompy, Squirt, Aussie, Valentine, and White Fin. Harmony, a juvenile male thought to be about five years old, is a recent addition to the pod family, and uncommonly scarred for such a young dolphin. 

What to Expect

Where Can I Feed Dolphins in Tin Can Bay?

Barnacles Dolphin Centre opens at 07:00 am every day. Viewing times occurs between 07:00 and 08:00, while dolphin feeding, the only feeding sessions per day, starts from 08:00. When visitors arrive, they are encouraged to join the volunteers in the water.

This is a wonderful opportunity to get up close and personal with the resident pod and learn about their behaviour. Because these mammals tend to be shy, only a small group of people are allowed in the water at one time. There is a fee for both entry and feeding. Fish can be purchased on site and fed to the dolphins. You will be required to get into the water, so visitors should come prepared.

It is important for visitors to know that these Australian Humpbacks are wild. Barnacles Dolphin Centre cannot guarantee their arrival time, or that they will emerge at all. Patience, however, is often rewarded with this once-in-a-lifetime dolphin feeding experience in Tin Can Bay.

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Tin Can Bay’s best accommodation boasts a great location that is central to all there is to see and do in the area. Sleepy Lagoon Motel’s guests can enjoy a wonderful holiday experience for the whole family. The variety of accommodation we have available ensures that we can accommodate any number of guests or families. Our cozy accommodation also offers a variety of features and amenities, providing a true home away from home experience.

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